Dedon, from Germany, is the world’s top outdoor furniture manufacturer, has won international design awards, such as Reddot and Innovation Dedon adhering to Germany has always been rigorous and meticulous and lead the trend of the style. Not only the high-end consumers loving luxury, but also the international hotel group long-term suppliers including Shangri-La, Four Seasons and Liz.

All the products of Dedon are selected in Germany for R & D and monitoring of the patented high-tech environmentally friendly fiber materials. It is soft texture and moist. Although DEDON booth is not very large, the use of mirror style makes the entire booth larger, more three-dimensional and very aesthetic.




Petite Friture is a young French brand that has attracted much attention this year. The design team has the Phillippe Starck named Designer of Tomorrow Constance Guisset and the current British well-known home shop Habitat art director Pierre Favresse and other tomorrow star.

Innovation, Avantgarde is Petite Friture proud of the label, coupled with the fine French craft, each design can make people refreshing and leaving a profound impression.




SCOLARO was founded in 40 years ago, focusing on the production of craftsmen wooden umbrellas, including aluminium wood and center rod umbrellas, lateral columns and telescopic racks. SCOLARO products are used in waterproof acrylic fabrics, processed timber, steel and aluminium with very strong durability.



Serralunga has a passion for innovation, renowned for breaking through the limitations of material, craft, and aesthetics to create breakthrough products. Its products are both pleasant and stimulating. The company’s eye-catching products, whether it is art flowerpot, geometric table or the smallest of the sun beds, are considered to be extremely functional and aesthetic. It also proves the company’s mastery of the latest synthetic polymers and advanced molding processes. To a large extent, these high-quality weathering design makes our visual space appear very natural, almost seamless from indoor excessive to outdoor, thus greatly expand our living environment.




Starting from 1950, Sika Design is designed for comfort, high quality and sustainable development of handmade furniture as the main purpose of design and manufacture. Sika Design of wicker furniture generation, all over the world hotels, restaurants and cruise ships are equipped with Sika Design of furniture.


Talenti‘s products are abundant: complete sets and combination sofas, armchairs, benches, chairs, dining tables and coffee tables. There are accessories, such as lamps, bio-fuel fireplaces, plants, outdoor blankets and umbrellas. The full passion of technology research and Development leads Talenti in the production of outdoor furniture products only choose the best material: aluminum, stainless steel material, teak and fiber frames, fillers and textiles use fast-drying foam and polyester, leather, sunshade pads, soft bags using Maria Flora and Bonanza fibers. It is precisely because of its kind of rich dining room, life product and material, Talenti not only can satisfy the demand of living residence market, but also involves the market field of the contract customization product production.



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