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The World Premium Outdoor Brands of the Salone del Mobile.Milano

Dedon, from Germany, is the world’s top outdoor furniture manufacturer, has won international design awards, such as Reddot and Innovation Dedon adhering to Germany has always been rigorous and meticulous and lead the trend of the style. Not only the high-end consumers loving luxury, but also the international hotel group long-term suppliers including Shangri-La, Four Seasons and Liz.

All the products of Dedon are selected in Germany for R & D and monitoring of the patented high-tech environmentally friendly fiber materials. It is soft texture and moist. Although DEDON booth is not very large, the use of mirror style makes the entire booth larger, more three-dimensional and very aesthetic.




Petite Friture is a young French brand that has attracted much attention this year. The design team has the Phillippe Starck named Designer of Tomorrow Constance Guisset and the current British well-known home shop Habitat art director Pierre Favresse and other tomorrow star.

Innovation, Avantgarde is Petite Friture proud of the label, coupled with the fine French craft, each design can make people refreshing and leaving a profound impression.




SCOLARO was founded in 40 years ago, focusing on the production of craftsmen wooden umbrellas, including aluminium wood and center rod umbrellas, lateral columns and telescopic racks. SCOLARO products are used in waterproof acrylic fabrics, processed timber, steel and aluminium with very strong durability.



Serralunga has a passion for innovation, renowned for breaking through the limitations of material, craft, and aesthetics to create breakthrough products. Its products are both pleasant and stimulating. The company’s eye-catching products, whether it is art flowerpot, geometric table or the smallest of the sun beds, are considered to be extremely functional and aesthetic. It also proves the company’s mastery of the latest synthetic polymers and advanced molding processes. To a large extent, these high-quality weathering design makes our visual space appear very natural, almost seamless from indoor excessive to outdoor, thus greatly expand our living environment.




Starting from 1950, Sika Design is designed for comfort, high quality and sustainable development of handmade furniture as the main purpose of design and manufacture. Sika Design of wicker furniture generation, all over the world hotels, restaurants and cruise ships are equipped with Sika Design of furniture.


Talenti‘s products are abundant: complete sets and combination sofas, armchairs, benches, chairs, dining tables and coffee tables. There are accessories, such as lamps, bio-fuel fireplaces, plants, outdoor blankets and umbrellas. The full passion of technology research and Development leads Talenti in the production of outdoor furniture products only choose the best material: aluminum, stainless steel material, teak and fiber frames, fillers and textiles use fast-drying foam and polyester, leather, sunshade pads, soft bags using Maria Flora and Bonanza fibers. It is precisely because of its kind of rich dining room, life product and material, Talenti not only can satisfy the demand of living residence market, but also involves the market field of the contract customization product production.




Date: 2017.4.26-29

Place: Hall E5/E6/E7 Shanghai New International Expo Center, China.


HOTEL PLUS – TOTAL SOLUTION FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES is designed for hotel, mall, restaurant, office, hospital, public commercial space and special build of large professional expo. It will be held from April 26th to 29th, 2017 in Shanghai New International Expo Center and  showcase architectural ornament, engineering and design, space and furnishings, furniture and lighting, soft decoration and lighting, clean and environmental, intelligent and leisure of products. HOTEL PLUS adhering to the HOTELEX Shanghai Exhibition held in 25 brands and resources has become a global carrier-grade super hotel industry event.

E1-E7 Museum has eight big theme exhibition planning for building decorative, project design, indoor design, lighting intelligent, hotel project, custom furniture, soft decoration and design, fabric project and space furnishings. To show high-end environmental building decorative material and advanced of intelligent of management system and equipment. With the most frontier design concept of virtual restoration, to help material merchants to discover new business value, establish the concept of brand design, explore the most promising emerging markets.

Exhibition organized by the architecture and interior design week Shanghai brilliant, will have the awareness and design tour series forum and a series of colorful activities to create design considering show.

E5 Decoration Material & Fabric

E6 Contract Furniture & Deco

E7 Expo Contract Furniture


Solo travelers around the globe: What you need to know

[Article Share] – Solo leisure trips are becoming a popular option among the global travel population. Here’s a look at habits of single travelers around the globe.

Solo travelers who stay at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, come to experience festivals and other events happening throughout the city. (Photo: Iron Horse Hotel)


By  Danielle Hess



GLOBAL REPORT—Younger travelers on a budget from around the globe are taking short trips to visit family, escape routines, explore new cities and more. And in the United States, the number of solo leisure travelers is growing.

Hotel News Now recently spoke with a research analyst and hoteliers about this trend. Here’s a look at who solo leisure travelers are, where they’re from, and where they’re traveling to:

Solo leisure travelers around the world tend to be younger than the average tourist, though there are exceptions, said Mark Blutstein, research analyst at Phocuswright.

“Around 47% (in the U.S.) are 18 to 34, but older travelers still do partake,” he said. “Out of travelers that are 55 and older, about 28% of them will travel alone.”

Jeff Tomczek, director of branding at Two Roads Hospitality, agreed.

“Millennials are traveling alone more than other age groups, though solo travel certainly isn’t exclusive to that demographic,” he said. “Solo travelers have to have a level of comfort and not be intimidated by a new, unknown destination.”

Connie Bolle, director of sales at The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said most of the hotel’s solo leisure guests are age 30 to 55.

“A high percentage of new, younger and energetic travelers (appreciate) the vintage vibe from our 1907 building and historic city,” she said.

In France, about 53% of solo travelers are between the ages of 18 and 34, and in the United Kingdom, only 35% of solo travelers fall within that age bracket, according to Blutstein. He added that Germany has more solo travelers that are middle-aged than the U.S., France and the U.K.

In the U.S., Blutstein said the solo leisure traveler segment leans more male (50%).

Budget and level of education
According to Blutstein, solo travelers from the U.S. on average earn less than $50,000 a year, which means they’re spending a lot less throughout a trip and aren’t looking to stay at an expensive hotel. He said they’re taking maybe three trips per year that last one to three nights, and “only spend about $1,000 within all their trips throughout the year.”

He added that the majority of solo travelers have a college degree.

“(Solo travelers) are very highly educated,” he said. “That’s just a trend in the U.S. because more people are going to college and getting advanced degrees, and with that, they’re just starting their jobs, so they have a higher percentage in the lower income (bracket).”

In the UK, Germany and France, many solo travelers have master’s degrees, Blutstein said.

Where they stay
Since many travel on a budget, solo leisure travelers often stay with friends and family or in shared accommodations, Blutstein said, but some do stay in hotels.

Phocuswright research shows that 43% of U.S. solo travelers stayed in hotels during trips taken in the last year—compared to 21% in France, 28% in Germany, and 32% in the U.K., according to Blutstein.

Blutstein provided a breakdown of the types of hotels U.S. solo travelers stay in, compared to the rest of the U.S. travel population.

“About 31% of (U.S. solo travelers) stayed at a midscale hotel on their last (solo trip),” he said, making midscale the most popular chain scale for the group.

More solo travelers from the U.S. stay at midscale hotels than they do at budget hotels (23%), but Blutstein said solo travelers are more willing to stay at a budget hotel than the majority of the travel population is.

In line with the general traveler pool, 27% of U.S. solo travel is international, Blutstein said. The difference between the two groups is that solo travelers are more willing to travel to places like Central America, South America and Canada.

Tomczek said Two Roads sees more solo leisure guests at its Thompson Hotels and Joie de Vivre brands, and while most solo travelers stay at urban properties in major cities, some do travel alone to resort properties.

“Thompson Hotels are known for having intimate spaces, bustling restaurants and bars, individuality and a connection to in-the-know experiences,” he said. “No two Thompsons are alike and each celebrates their community through design, restaurant and bar partners, and local amenities and partnerships.”

Tomczek noted that Two Roads has seen “more and more business travelers extending their work trips by a few days to get out of the boardroom and experience the city they are visiting from a leisurely perspective.”

Why they travel
Many travelers choose to fly solo on a trip because they want to be in control of their itinerary and immerse themselves in a new culture, sources said.

Tomczek said solo travelers staying at Two Roads properties want to “feel like a local in the city they visit.”

“They want to dine at neighborhood spots, check out the under-the-radar shows and meet members of area start-up scenes,” he said. “We’ve seen a shift from the relaxed escape vacation to trips that are more dynamic and memorable. This could mean having a meal with a host, learning to surf, attending a yoga retreat or even simpler, like a one-on-one language class or an off-hours tour.”

Bolle said solo travelers at The Iron Horse come to explore the city.

“Milwaukee is the city of festivals—brew festivals, Summerfest, Polish festival and so many more,” she said. “We really have great reasons to celebrate food, different ethnicities and brew cultures.”

Blutstein also said solo travelers are seeking a new cultural experience.

“They want to see the world, so they either want to see natural attractions, cultural history … 24% of solo travelers travel for those reasons,” he said.